We have heard that in third millennium, Man’s knowledge doubles every decade and more wondrously is that everything we learn is doubled every 24 hours! In today’s world, technology speed is far beyond what even a generation ago could have anticipated and there’s no doubt that those who lived 30 years ago could not even imagine today’s world in all its aspect

This technology advancement comes with its own convenience, improvements, and of course it has brought us new needs; but the pace of life and its evolutions has increased as well and that is the reason why we have faster cars, planes, trains and internet today so that we can cope with this competitive and speeding life.

Change in pace of life has led to changes in our life style as well; we eat while we convey, we shop online, we inspect shelves of virtual stores and place orders and as we have no time to go to real stores we prefer to receive products at our doors. We even connect washing machines to internet and the machine orders it’s required detergents itself.

At the beginning it was thought that with digitalizing the shopping, there would be no need to pay attention to essential subjects of packaging like before; but later researches showed that on the contrary, not only the role of packaging was not diminished, but also some other aspects have been introduced to it as well.

These researches show that the buyers still care about aesthetics in packaging. Even sensation which conveys to the buyer after the receipt of the product has been effective both in further purchases and recommendations to others, although they have ordered the product on internet.

In addition to packaging, marketing and distribution channels should also be handled carefully. As mentioned before, the majority of purchases are done over the Internet and mobile phones.

Appropriate presentation, proper information over the content and its operation, rapid and accurate delivery, and prepared packages for distribution are of the important points in this issue.

It has been some time in Iran that several networks have launched online sales and are busy taking orders from clients. In United States, 50% of online purchasers reorder the product and 4 out of 10 them share the picture of it on social networks and this means free advertisement for the brand!

Packaging is one of the important channels for selling merchandise and those who think about the future of their business, should be able to design a good combination of beautiful and functional packaging as well as seeking brand-new ways for presenting their products. All top brands endeavor to innovate new ways of connection and communication with customers. There is no escape from the future, and the winner is the one who has prepared himself for it.