Amerplast is participating in the Fruit Logistica Trade Fair in Berlin on February 8th – 10th to present AmerFresh, its fully integrated packaging system for fresh produce and suited for both flow packs and tray-lidding



Powered by PerfoTec B.V.’s patented laser perforation technology, AmerFresh is a fully integrated packaging system for fresh produce. It enables maintaining the quality and freshness and up to doubling the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables, without added chemicals.

Together with PerfoTec Amerplast will introduce a new innovative mobile tray-sealer that is integrated to the AmerFresh laser perforation system and provides a low cost proof of concept. “Fruit and vegetables are in the top 5 of most wasted food products and an estimated 40% of all fresh produce go wasted” says Børge Kvamme, CEO of Amerplast. “Through reduced waste and better product quality and appeal, AmerFresh brings significant benefits to all stake holders in the fresh produce value chain, from packers and retailers to the end consumer”, Kvamme notes. The integrated AmerFresh packaging system consists of three main parts: a Respiration Control System® that measures the respiration rate of fresh fruit and vegetables and calculates the required film permeability, a Laser Perforation System® that uses this information to adapt the film permeability through micro perforations and Advanced Flexible Film Material® for both flow wraps and tray lidding, including the most sophisticated laminates for demanding applications.


Following successful market launches in the Northern European region, Amerplast plans to introduce the AmerFresh integrated packaging system to all major markets in Europe. “Our objective is to be the number one packaging system provider in Europe for fresh fruits and vegetables. We believe leading European fruit and vegetable packers cannot afford not to reap the benefits of the AmerFresh system”, Kvamme concludes.