To respond to increasing demand for higher performance and convenience in the beverage industry, RPC Obrist Madrid has launched a new 38mm closure specifically developed to be compatible with aseptic filling lines.

Aseptic filling processes are becoming increasingly important to brand owners in order to eliminate product contamination. RPC Obrist Madrid has therefore expanded its standard range of 38mm closures with a new 3-thread aseptic cap, which is ideal for a wide range of drinks including juices, nectars, teas, sport drinks, and dairy products.

The new consumer and sterilisation-friendly screw cap has been designed for wide mouth bottles. As well as being easy to apply on the filling lines and open by consumers thanks to its reduced torques, the closure also meets the rigorous requirements of aseptic applications.

In addition, the cap weight has been reduced to 2.80gr) while still providing excellent sealing and safety performance for product integrity, quality and freshness.

The new RPC Obrist Madrid 38mm cap is produced in Spain for the European and African markets.