No fewer than ten mRC-3D cameras supplied by Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC), Dutch specialist in measurement and control systems for the printing industry, will soon be on their way to India.

Pudhari Publications is set to carry out an investment programme with the aim of improving automation on its printing presses at its plant in Kolhapur. The mRC-3D system will ensure full automation on the colour register on the Manugraph Cityline press with five towers.  

Full automation
The mRC-3D system is aimed at fully automating the colour register in the plant at Kolhapur. The innovative system with its high-speed cameras will bring about maximum savings in waste. The digital cameras with built-in microprocessors ensure real-time data processing of measurement data. On account of its 3D function, the mRC-3D scanner is able to accurately measure printed micro marks, independently of focal distance and irregularities in the paper web. The cameras in Kolhapur are equipped with Automation Ink Mist Shield (AIMS), as a result of which the camera lenses are automatically cleaned by transported film. Staff will receive on-site training from QIPC on how to use the system.