Swiss printer manufacturer Lüscher-Tschudi announces today its strategic partnership with Caldera, whereby the French print software innovator has developed an OEM version of GrandRIP+ to drive the company’s 3.2m textile printer, the T-REX 320.

The combination allows those entering this expanding market achieve quality results across high-speed runs for soft signage and industrial textile applications. Lüscher-Tschudi combines its Swiss reputation for quality manufacturing with a innovative but experienced approach to engineering. The T-REX 320 is built for accuracy, featuring a specially engineered fabric loading and transportation system to avoid banding. Incorporating Konica Minolta 1024i print-heads in a four- or 16-head configuration and available with four or eight colours, this new printer – which can hit an impressive 120sq m/hour in top quality mode – can be used with water-based, disperse dye or reactive dye inks and includes an in-line fixation unit and dryer.