In the many years that I have been active in the media sector of Iranian packaging industry, I have always tried to do something which is  leading and of high quality and functional and more importantly, can satisfy the fortitudes me. “The art of packing” has come to its sixth year and is perhaps worthwhile to provide a brief account of what we have done to dear readers.

The begging of my career and linking to packaging industry was since 2002. In the years that have passed I endured many hardships, whether due to scarce resources or their translation or implementation. Still my passion for gaining literature, statistics and new innovations, has not decreased. Art of  packaging which in 2011 after several years of waiting to get  license, began its release, was a new developments in my life to freely transfer what I do and what I can do to the growing and interested Iranian contacts. What hindered me and my colleagues, was economic fluctuations and the phenomenal growth of price of paper and printing services which in a period was even 800 percent. However, in recent years we have tried to put a comprehensive substantive journal on the table of managers of different parts of the country, relying on external resources, and updated knowledge of internal experts.

At the beginning of the sixth year we have started another revolution whether from the appearance or functional perspective. Apparent changes include a new design of the magazine’s cover and from future issues the changes of interior layout will be closer to art of  packaging. In applied dimension,

acquiring New and unique resources of the European and American sources for translation into Persian, making the website of the publication more fruitful, contracting with one of the updated companies of the world in Email Marketing and sending the latest news and developments in packaging to more than 10 thousand e-mail address (so far), and most notably developments in the section of Customer Affairs has been among the measures taken. The reason I have mentioned the last part as the most important part is thateven if the best magazine cannot find its audience and does not connect to him/her ,has left its mission incompletely. In this context, replacing many of the old companies that perhaps tug only the name of an economy complex with active and updated companies who have an active attendance in the exhibitions of Tehran and other cities was very difficult, and costly revolutionary action. My colleagues with great effort and with the aim of making the advertisers more satisfied and making the journal more useful, spent at least three months (so far), powerfully did revolutionary measures in the sector of customer affairs that its benefits will be gradually revealed in the coming months.

Art of packaging also continues its success abroad: the continued presence as a media sponsor in prestigious regional exhibitions such as Gulfood, Gulfood Manufacturing and Eurasia Packaging

Presence in the most printed food and packaging magazine of Asia AMEFT as an honorary member of the editorial board, giving consultancy in a lot of packaging design and branding projects in most renowned companies of the country, being invited to seminars abroad, giving advice to foreign bodies in the field of packaging to enter the Iranian market has been part of the actions. What makes  us more hopeful to continue our way is the presence of art of packaging in the thesis of many students which their number has dramatically increased during the last two years .our final goal is reaching to a point that art of packaging be the first choice of Fastidious  .it is not easy but is not impossible as well