Using its advanced In-Mould Labelling technology, RPC Superfos has produced a limited-edition 50th anniversary pack for French paint brand Cofabrill.

Cofabrill indoor paint has been a favourite among French professional painters since its introduction by Zolpan in 1966. It is easy to apply, renders great coverage and has a shiny texture. To mark its anniversary, Zolpan decided to produce a limited edition pack in a golden SuperLift Extra container from RPC Superfos.

The company’s graphic design agency created beautiful artwork comprising a background of golden waves, but the test result from the pail with offset decoration did not deliver the desired look. RPC Superfos therefore suggested using In-Mould Labelling, where the Pantone colour system is replaced with metallic colours.

“We’re pleasantly surprised to see how well our anniversary pack in golden shades now looks thanks to the advanced In-Mould Labelling technique applied by RPC Superfos,” says Marion Masse, Communication Executive of Zolpan, which is part of the Cromology Group. “They’ve given us excellent advice and we’ve felt absolutely well guided throughout the project.

“The container looks magnificent and we really like the final result. It’s an appropriate way of celebrating our golden anniversary with one of our most popular products.”

The 17.5 litre SuperLift Extra container is injection moulded in polypropylene. It features tamper evidence and a protective collar that safeguards the lid and prevents ovalisation of the container.

RPC Superfos provides the plastic containers for all of Zolpan’s water-based paint products.