The P28 brand is all about changing the game, and they needed a package redesign and a decoration method to go along with that notion. TricorBraun was commissioned and created a true game changer for the high-protein spread.

Originally, the high-protein spread was packaged in a ‘peanut butter style’ jar and wasn’t well differentiated nor was it disruptive on shelf. According to Jeff Prince, director of operations at P28, “We wanted to get away from being just another typical spread jar on the shelf. With P28, we are always looking to change the game. We’re always looking to be original and offer our customers high quality, innovative products. We wanted that same idea to hold true in our packaging.”

Prince goes on to say, “We chose TricorBraun because of their game changing design capabilities, the quality of their work and their top notch communication.” The process at TricorBraun began with the discovery phase. This allowed the team to clearly comprehend, define and help P28 realize their vision. Many things were taken into consideration including brand, competitive landscape, technical restraints and success criteria.

It was clear that the package needed to be a PET 16 oz. jar and that there were seven SKUs but according to Prince, “We were searching for something unique, exciting and high quality that screamed pick me up! If the consumer picked up the jar just to feel the difference in the structure, we knew this would ultimately lead them to reading about our product and its benefits.”