Global food waste is a serious problem – one that is being tackled by the collaborative efforts of the food and packaging industries and local and global initiatives. Mondi, the international packaging and paper Group, is playing an active role in addressing this challenge through its expertise in food safety and innovative packaging.

Mondi partners with customers from the food industry to develop smarter packaging solutions that reduce and prevent food loss and waste. Together with suppliers, customers, research institutes and experts from the Mondi E&I Food Safety Laboratory, Mondi has identified four ways in which packaging products can reduce food waste:

Reducing food damage in transit/storage through improved and fit-for-purpose packaging

Extending shelf and product life with innovative technologies and materials

Adapting packaging design to evolving socio-demographics

Achieving packaging traceability for better inventory management that reduces food spoilage

At interpack, Mondi will offer numerous examples of packaging solutions that contribute to food safety and reduce food waste along the entire value chain. These are just a few of them:  

Virgin fibre speciality kraft paper grades like Advantage Smooth White for attractive, functional and certified food packaging specially designed to protect sensitive goods and make them stand out on supermarket shelves. The paper grade is ideally suited for sugar bags and other sensitive food packaging applications.

ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua, a containerboard grade that stands up to high humidity environments, hot temperatures and cold storage. Even with no paraffin coating, ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua protects fresh fruits and vegetables from harsh conditions and thus produces stable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions that reduce food waste.

Highprotex, a liner that has all the necessary barriers to protect the packed foodstuff, and that uses a highly efficient barrier film making it more environmentally friendly.

FlexziBox, reclosable plastic bags with various features and single serve stand-up pouches, making meal preparation more convenient for consumers and reducing food waste.

High-barrier consumer films with outstanding aroma protection and high oxygen barrier properties, offered as a good solution for food packaging. Such films reduce the weight of packaging solutions and improve their recyclability.

Industrial bags are also suitable for sensitive food packaging equipped with RFID tags for full traceability along the supply chain.

The Mondi Food Safety Laboratory in Frantschach, Austria, develops innovative solutions for food packaging with its team of experts. They ensure that the packaging designs meet the highest requirements for food contact and other sensitive packaging applications. The laboratory also supports customers in meeting the latest regulatory standards for food packaging. For the second time in a row, Mondi’s Food Safety Laboratory received an ‘excellent’ rating from the German Reference Office for Food Proficiency Testing and Reference Materials (DRRR) after a round-robin test on mineral oils that evaluates laboratory precision.

As a member of the SAVE FOOD initiative, a global effort to reduce food waste and loss, Mondi will again take part in this year’s innovationparc SAVE FOOD forum at interpack. Martin Messner, Head of the Mondi Food Safety Laboratory, and Falk Paulsen, Sales Director Mondi Extrusion Coatings, will give a presentation on ‘How barrier properties of packaging can minimise food waste’. Martin Messner explains, “We are convinced that sustainable and innovative packaging helps to reduce waste and is part of the solution to support the SAVE FOOD initiative. Our packaging and barrier innovations can make a significant contribution to preventing food loss.” This Mondi presentation will take place on 8 and 9 May at 14:10 in the innovationparc.