adphos announces its newest development of instantaneous drying for textile printing applications – ready now just for FESPA.

adphosNIR® – a company owned and widely patented system technology – is already established in graphical and packaging printing drying, as well as metallic coil coating drying/curing.

In textiles, whether for instantaneous drying of a sublimation paper printed pattern or a printing pattern directly on the textile itself (screen as well as inkjet) now the adphosNIR® drying technology has been proven successful.

Special benefits like

  • instantaneous ink setting with low thermal stress on natural as well as polymer textiles and
  • extremely compact equipment and
  • the highest drying power efficiency
  • are outstanding and overcome all of the limitations of today’s dryer technology.
  • We invite interested parties to test, verify and prove this to themselves in technical trials at the adphos R&D laboratory before, during and after FESPA (from May 2nd to May 19th, 2017).