Formerly, we talked about some changes in Packaging Art. The truth is that Media is the brisk job, in which the atmosphere is both joyful and dreadful. In high standards, if you left behind, you will have to struggle to get back on the wheel.

Following the changes in Packaging Art which has started through the cover design and expanded to page layout of this number, we have to point out the new design of magazine’s site.

Although we claim to have had the highest volume amongst packaging magazines in Iran, to the extent that some of the numbers associated with a loss, but in industries such as packaging for its extensive, it will be exaggerated to mention a specific circulation. However, the need of packaging magazines in our country must be at least thirty thousand copies circulation, which is not possible of course. Once and forever, we have solved the issue of volume and access to the topics, news and advertisements. In the new design of “Packaging Art” website, all topics and full archive of previous copies are accessible for free. This website is supported with a newsletter which publishes and sends the latest news and articles every week or two, to around 10,000 subscribers_ of which email addresses took 5 years to be gathered until now. Once and forever, we have solved the limitation of volume and access to the magazine although it had financial burden and we had to eliminate the income due to subscription of the hard copy of the magazine.

Packaging Art is still the first choice of most seminars, local or international exhibitions for media support. Two credible forums in Dubai and MeatEX Tehran are the newest cooperators of Packaging Arts. Enrichments the articles are our fundamental goal in publishing and we will move forward constantly with your support.


I think 1396 will start with hopes and dreams for all of us. After the period of elections, of which the result is not clear to me by now that I am writing this paper, everybody expect positive changes and constancy in the growing trend of economy in the country.  Tehran Agrofood Fair, one of the largest exhibitions held in Iran, is an excuse for the market and the slowdown in the industry due to the New Year’s Holiday to come out of standstill.

Rumor has it that there will be a vast participation of European companies in this fair. For everybody, from Italians to Germans, having passed Iran’s sanctions, as well as returning Iran’s freezed money and improved economic situation, Iran is considered a market which is in desperate need of new technologies to move towards economic growth.

In this situation, local producers’ situation is considerable. I reminded you in my editorial about 1.5 years ago, that a special attention should be on the domestic packaging industry to improve quality and to make an appropriate business procedure, and this is more palpable today more than ever. With consultation with Packaging Art office, many of these companies even take part in other related local exhibitions such as printing and packaging; something which is less precedent because such companies often thought participating in Agrofood only, is enough to expand their business in Iran.

However, the masses of foreign companies in Iran, of whom the presence of many of them is essential to improve the efficiency of production in Iran, is growing faster and we hope that our domestic industries have also been well equipped themselves to make competitive rival.